What is Cardnarok?

Developed by a 3-man team and inspired by Slay the Spire, Cardnarok: Raid with Gods is a mind-twisting card game with rogue-lite elements where players must choose 3 Gods/Goddesses from various myths to battle legendary monsters, including Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Norse, Hindu and Japanese mythologies.

Myths from 6 civilizations
: Greek, Egyptian, Norse*, Hindu*, Chinese*, and Japanese*.

-5 types of Gods/Goddesses to choose from: Tank, Physical DPS, Magical DPS, Healer, and Utility.

-30 deities with 10 passive abilities each. Adding cards and artifacts to the mix for thousands of combinations to quench your thirst for strategic plays!

-Moving to the front row in combat can trigger special powers!

-Move between Adventure Map and the Expedition Map- both are procedurally


-Who is the true King of Gods? Zeus, Odin, Ra, the Jade Emperor, or Amaterasu?

-You will face Medusa, Cerberus, Yamata no Orochi, Fenrir, Spinx and more. Are you up to the challenge?


*Available in future DLCs