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A Game Development Studio in Taipei, Taiwan.

Welcome to Greedy Wolf Studio, an Indie Game Development Studio in Taipei City since 2018. Our talented and hardworking team is dedicated to ensuring that games Greedy Wolf Studio creates are cool, fun and exciting. Read on to learn more about our business, our games, and what we have to offer our community of gamers.

Mission Statements


Maybe one day we will be large enough to make an attempt at an AAA title; it's our ultimate goal.  However, we realize that we need to start small.   Our mission is to make global games instead of games for a specific region or market.  We believe this mindset is what the gaming industry in Taiwan sorely needs.

Never forget why we started

As we grow, we promise to remember what it is like to be an indie developer.  We will keep indie teams, indie development models within our company as we expand.   That way, we hope to provide a stage for new game developers and their dreams, bringing more innovative titles to our players.

Be leaders

On our journey, we believe that game developers are adventurers at heart, just like the adventures games we all love as players ourselves.  Instead of following the market and making the same type of genre over and over, we wish to be leaders in the Taiwan gaming industry and keep trying out new ideas.  We hope to bring more energy to the Taiwanese game development this way.

Some Background

Game veterans from Taiwan.

Our small team of 3 consists of a producer/game designer that designs everything including the gameplay, game logic, game design contents and also does budget, project and product management, a programmer that does all the coding for the game client and server while also serves as our IT guy from time to time, and an artist that handles the art direction, concept art, UI, 2D, 3D modeling, animation, special effects and also helps with things like creating the company logo.  All current team members are veterans from the Taiwan gaming industry.  We are working full time trying to bring our first title to life.




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